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Ext. 114
Favorite hobby/activity: Traveling
Favorite food: Cheese, bread, wine
Favorite movie: Young Frankenstein
Place you would love to visit: Prague



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Favorite hobby/activity: Singing
Favorite food: Oasis Cafe
Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
Place you would love to visit: Tel Aviv



Ext. 115
Favorite hobby/activity: music, cooking
Favorite food: Lamb Biryani
Favorite movie: Dumb and Dumber
Place you would love to visit: Thailand



Ext. 124
Favorite hobby/activity: Family time, watch NFL
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite movie: Jaws
Place you would love to visit: Block Island, RI



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Favorite hobby/activity: N/A
Favorite food: N/A
Favorite movie: N/A
Place you would love to visit: N/A



Ext. 117
Favorite hobby/activity: Cooking & Traveling
Favorite food: BBQ Brisket
Favorite movie: Goodfellas
Place you would love to visit: Cuba



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Favorite hobby/activity: Endurance biking
Favorite food: Ahogada sandwich
Favorite movie: Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Place you would love to visit: Australia


  • We have found Atlantic Diamond Company to be an excellent vendor. Praveen provides quality merchandise at a reasonable price. The people we deal with directly are prompt in responding to our requests and extremely accurate concerning their merchandise. I would highly recommend them to any jeweler interested in top quality jewelry.
    Jill W.

  • When I call Atlantic Diamonds I rest assured that my diamond orders are met with the utmost expertise and customer service. Shadi handles all my staff's requests even on weekends, he makes our search for that right diamond an enjoyable experience and most importantly, when our client is looking for a needle in a haystack, he never gives up until we win the sale.
    Jim C.

  • When I speak to Ron Nelson, not only is he a good person, but he is always going out of his way to take care of my diamond and jewelry calls. That is why he is the FIRST dealer I call. Ron Nelson gives great service and that is most important to me. Bottom line, Ron Nelson is an asset to me and ADC.
    Doug S.

  • Our store has been in business for over 60 years and Atlantic Diamond has been a big part of our success. With their extensive inventory in all categories, we know one phone call is all that's needed to fulfill our customer's needs. Thank you for the relationship we have. We are a good match with a common goal, making our customers happy !
    Charlotte E.

  • Working with Ron at Atlantic is great. He is a true professional who gets you the right product. Ron doesn't sell lab reports, he sells diamonds, which is what makes Ron and the entire Atlantic team a pleasure to do business with.
    Nicholas P.

  • It is great, because I can pick the right diamonds for our customers.
    Mark S.

  • I am always excited about working with Shadi at Atlantic Diamonds! He is a great asset to the company, and is always willing to help in any way. The company carries a wonderful variety of high quality diamonds. They are the first place I call when I need diamonds. I would recommend them to any jeweler.
    Ellen G.

  • I would like to take this time to inform you that I have been very appreciative of your services. Ron and I have been working together for the last three years. When I need a special stone for my customer, Ron always provides it asap. He's also established a memo program for me that helps create additional sales. It's difficult to find good service in today's world, and it's nice to know Atlantic Diamond is there for my needs.
    Robb B.

  • We have been dealing with Praveen for a number of years now. We have always been impressed with his level of service and attention to detail. Service is everything and we have never been disappointed with ADC.
    Lucio B.

  • I make Shadi & Atlantic Diamond a partner in all my diamond calls. Together we close more diamond sales. Shadi & Atlantic Diamond are one of the easiest diamond vendors to work with. Always honest & reliable. They will choose the perfect diamond to service my call, or they let me know when the right stone is not available.
    Terri C.

  • Atlantic Diamond has been a pleasure to partner with. Shadi listens to me, and is responsive to my needs. Atlantic Diamond is an excellent resource for any jeweler.
    Charles G.

  • I would like to thank Atlantic Diamond Company. Ron Nelson has been managing our account for the past few years. Even being out of state, Ron and Atlantic have made it easy for us to increase our sales. Looking forward to a continued profitable relationship.
    Mitchell R.

  • I have been in the jewelry business for over 40 years. Once in a while I come across that vendor that cares as much about servicing my client as I do. I can say that Marie from Atlantic Diamond does just that. She is quick to react when we have a need, and just as (if not more) important, she is kind.
    Tania C.

  • If you don't know Atlantic Diamond, and aren't sure they can meet your needs, consider contacting our representative, Ron Nelson. You will find Ron to be knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He will be a great first encounter as you meet Atlantic Diamond.
    Tom Ross

  • Shadi at Atlantic Diamond called me a few months ago, and offered to send me a few pieces on memo . I had never done business with him or Atlantic, but agreed to take a few pieces on memo. I was impressed with the quality and price of his items, and mixed them with a few of our pieces in our displays. Not long after that, we sold an Atlantic bracelet for nearly $9000.00. During these tough economic times it is more difficult to add certain items to stock. I appreciate Atlantic's offering to help me with specialty items I would not buy for stock mid year. Thank you Shadi, and thank you Atlantic Diamond for your help and perseverance. You are now on my "speed Dial"
    Penny K.

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