All studs are mounted in 14K white gold

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SKU Style Shape Color Clarity Carat TW Measurement Remarks Certificate By Total Price
ST671Basket StyleRound CutG - HI2-I30.65AGSL REPORT:601301964009Login For Price
ST985Basket StyleRound CutGSI31.065.17 x 5.08N/ALogin For Price
ST887Basket StyleRound CutG-HI2-I32.12AGS:601301000002Login For Price
ST779Basket StyleRound CutG-HI22.06AGS:601301000004Login For Price
ST904Basket StyleRound CutI-JSI32.056.35 x 6.31N/ALogin For Price
ST964Basket StyleRound CutI-JI1-SI32.056.28 x 6.26 x 4.00EGLUSA:US923988902DLogin For Price
ST966Basket StyleRound CutI-JI1-SI22.056.13 x 6.12 x 4.08EGLUSA:US923988904DLogin For Price
ST967Basket StyleRound CutJ-KVS2-SI12.086.27 x 6.26 x 3.98EGLUSA:US923988905DLogin For Price
ST979Basket StyleRound CutG-HI12.046.38 x 6.35 x 3.95EGLUSA:US924709501DLogin For Price
ST928Basket StyleRound CutJVS22.416.70 x 6.71N/ALogin For Price
ST938Basket StyleRound CutJVS13.587.51 x 7.53N/ALogin For Price
ST981Basket StyleRound CutK-LSI1-SI24.017.96 x 7.94 x 5.14EGLUSA:US924709503DLogin For Price
ST988Basket StyleRound CutI-JSI14.098.00 x 8.02EGLUSA:400165043DLogin For Price
ST974Basket StyleRound CutI-JSI2-SI34.598.28 x 8.26 x 5.30EGLUSA:US924600101DLogin For Price
ST987Basket StyleRound CutI-JSI1-VS24.748.48 x 8.49EGLUSA:400163768DLogin For Price
ST976Basket StyleRound CutE-FI14.868.59 x 8.53 x 5.35EGLUSA:US924709506DLogin For Price
ST983Basket StyleRound CutJVS1-VS25.008.55 x 8.62 x 5.41EGLUSA:400163769DLogin For Price
ST984Basket StyleRound CutH-ISI2-SI36.039.01 x 9.02 x 5.61EGLUSA:400164663DLogin For Price
ST986Basket StyleRound CutISI2-SI39.3210.59 x 10.56 x 6.60EGLUSA:4001655080DLogin For Price
ST958Basket StyleRound CutI-JI110.0310.95 x 10.89 x 6.85AGS:104114754002Login For Price
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